About Us

We Are A Licensed And
Registered Company


Our Mission

We value working with you. That's why we only offer the most excellent, professional residential and commercial cleaning services that cannot be found elsewhere.

Our Vision

We pride ourselves on protecting you and the environment by using the most effective eco friendly chemicals. At Cleaning Jinni we always offer the best service possible. That's why we focus on delivering the ultimate customer service experience while meeting all your cleaning needs.

We Deliver Exceptional Results

Cleaning Jinni is a new cleaning service that came about in 2019. We wanted to do our part in helping to restrain the spread of Covid island wide so he began to offer free cleaning and sanitizing services.

At Cleaning Jinni we pride ourselves on offering the best and most affordable cleaning services. Our goal is to ensure that we help to keep you safe, healthy and clean.

Our Staff

Our reliable staff is a set of well qualified professionals who are warm and friendly. We also ensure that they do monthly training sessions to guarantee that they always provide fast  efficient and reliable service. Our well groomed staff are trained to be flexible and adaptable. We want to create and maintain strong trustworthy relationships with you so you’ll always find our staff wearing their IDs displayed.

Our chemicals

When it comes to chemicals, we use only the best. One of the most effective chemicals that we use is vitaloxide. It’s highly efficient in killing bacteria, mold and mildew and can last on surfaces for up to 4 weeks.

Our equipment

We want to meet your sanitizing and cleaning needs by providing quality service. That’s why we only use the best products and equipments. We understand that cleaning can be stressful and noisy but we use the best equipment that you could ever find to make the process smooth and easy. Our equipments not only allow us to do our jobs reliably and at the highest standard but they are also: